Microbiological parameters

Automated device Bactiquant on-line for bacteria monitoring

Bactiquant ONLINE system is an automated device that detects total bacteria concentration in drinking and industrial water. It is based on the existing and patented Bactiquant®  method, which detects the total presence of bacteria in a liquid sample using highly sensitive fluorescence technology.

It allows:

  • Faster response time and improved remote water quality control. 
  • At higher concentration the device automatically switches to “ALARM” mode and increased sampling. 
  • Higher volumes of samples with bacteria are concentrated on ceramic filter – decreasing false negative results. 

Fizikalno-kemijski parametri

On-line monitoring of water quality through the measurements of physical and chemical parameters. 

s::can spectrophotometric devices, in the entire absorption spectrum, they allow the measurement of many physico-chemical parameters such as: BOD, COD, TOC, DOC, UV245 (organic remains), nitrates, nitrites, ozone, turbidity, color, temperature.

Contamination alarm based on previous measurements, issues warnings in case of any deviations from the average values. 

In adition to spectrophotometric probes, s::can also offers classic probes for measuring pH, oxygen concentration, potassium, free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc.