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Water monitoring devices

Microbial forensics

Verification and validation

Cold Plasma technology

MPN Anlayzer microbium device

Water monitoring devices

Automated detection of E. coli and coliform bacteria in waste water, drinking water and recreational water.

Microbial forensics

Are you facing contamination issues in your industry and seeking effective solutions? At Microbium we offer expert contaminant tracing, pathogen identification, and quality assurance tailored to your specific needs.

Verification and validation

disinfection technologies

Do you need test reports as proof of the biocidal action of your hand, surface or room disinfectants or devices? We offer testing according to relevant standards for the registration of products with biocidal effect, and rapid testing of devices in the development phase.

Cold Plasma technology

Seeking environmentally friendly disinfection solutions? With only gas and electricity, our advanced cold plasma technology tackles water and surface decontamination, food preservation, and the breakdown of pesticides and dyes, ensuring a sustainable approach to hygiene and safety.

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