Automated detection of E. coli and coliform bacteria in waste water, drinking water and recreational water.

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What is Microbium® MPN Analyser

World Innovation


Software & hardware that allows automated detection, quantification and report generation

ISO 9308-2

Conforms with ISO 9308-2

Real-time analysis

High contaminations are detected under 10h

Easy to use

With only 4 steps required, anyone can do the analysis

Low limit of detection

It can already detect 1 bacteria per 100 mL

Zero waste

Reusable solution - no laboratory waste produced


Access everything you need for complete water analysis with our Microbium® MPN Analyser packages.

Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro STARTER

Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro STARTER
  • 1x Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro device
  • 1x Microbium® incubator 10L
  • Microbium® MPN Pro Application Software for Android
  • 20x detection reagent (MPN reagent)
  • 20x 100mL Water sampling container containing sodium thiosulphate
  • MPN Cleaning kit
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Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro ADVANCED

Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro ADVANCED
  • 6x Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro device
  • 1x Microbium® incubator 56L
  • Microbium® MPN Pro Application Software for Android
  • 20x detection reagent (MPN reagent)
  • 20x 100mL Water sampling container containing sodium thiosulphate
  • MPN Cleaning kit
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How to use it

User stories

Infrastruktura Bled Logo

Rapid Analysis, Quick Decision-Making, Total Independence

Using the MPN Analyser for over a year to assess microbiological presence in drinking water, we've been able to make swift decisions crucial for water system management. The analyser's principal advantages include the quick attainment of results, autonomy from external labs, and the flexibility to take samples on our schedule. This independence enhances our operational efficiency and decision-making process.
Jožica Peljhan, Infrastruktura Bled, Slovenia
Public Utility Company Grosuplje Logo

Efficient Sampling, Rapid Results, Simple Maintenance

We have been using the Microbium® MPN Analyser for more than a year as an essential tool within our drinking water utility to detect potential bacterial contamination. The design ensures that the volume of the sample is distributed evenly across the entire model, and cleaning the analyser post-analysis is straightforward and effective. Most critically, we are able to obtain results quickly, providing key information necessary for immediate action and ongoing operations.
Tjaša Šilc, Public Utility Company Grosuplje, Slovenia
Triglav National Park Logo

Rapid, Reliable, Cost-Effective

In Triglav National Park, we use the automatic Microbium MPN Analyser for detecting microbiological contamination in surface waters, essential for monitoring springs. It quickly identifies fecal pollution with results in 24 hours, simplifies microbiological testing, and cuts analysis costs by 90% compared to lab methods.
Katja Gregorič, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
National Institute of Chemistry Logo

User-Friendly Device, Rapid Results, and Exceptional Support

The system is truly user-friendly, and simple, has a quick protocol and the results are obtained rapidly. The added value of the entire package is that Microbium supplies/delivers everything necessary to implement the protocol, and its team happily and swiftly answers any questions if they occur.
Beti Vidmar, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia
Abwasserverband Braunschweig Logo

Saves time and reduces costs

Microbium® MPN Analyser is used to test the E. coli load of the treated wastewater and, in particular, to provide an overview of the treatment performance of the downstream facilities. The analyser reduces the waiting time for results and saves costs for out-of-house tests.
Alexander Sehrt, Abwasserverband Braunschweig, Germany
Gore District Council Logo

Accurate results in real-time

Our organization has integrated the MPN Analyser for wastewater testing. Previously, reliance on external labs for sample analysis was costly and time-consuming. The MPN Analyser has brought distinct advantages, including its ability to deliver accurate results, real-time data, and a user-friendly interface.
Aaron Green, Gore District Council, Gore, New Zealand

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