We have been working in the field of research and development from the very beginning. Among other things, we have had a research group registered with the Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS) since 2017.

Members of our research group, have many years of experience in obtaining and implementing domestic and European R&D projects. We can be involved in the process at any stage of product development, from the idea to the final launch on the market.

Microbium projektno vodenje raziskovalno razvojnih projektov

We can help you with the study of literature and the patent research, the design of ideas, development, as well as the analyzes we perform in our modern development and analytical laboratories.

Due to agility, we can adapt the methodology and development to your wishes and needs, thus easily optimizing solutions.

Literature and market research
Analysis of specification requirements
Custom development planning
Verification of the operation in laboratory conditions
Testing the operation in relevant environment
Method or product optimization
Validation and verification
Project management & consulting
Emilia Clarke
Matjaž Čemažar
predsednik uprave Domel Holding, d.d.
We started collaborating with Microbium on the development of laboratory devices, and with their knowledge, flexibility, and responsiveness, as well as excellent knowledge of niche markets, we managed to create new products with high value.
Morten Miller
CEO Bactiquant A/S
Microbium has been a valuable partner to our organization for many years. Our common mission is to provide fast, reliable and repeatable methods in the field of detection of microorganisms. Cooperation in the development and implementation of BactiQuant online devices for measuring the total number of bacteria was crucial, as our first installed systems abroad were in Slovenia. The projects in Idrija and Ptuj have become excellent references for further development and sales.
Dr. Alberto Lerner
CEO of CHROMagar
Cooperation between Microbium and CHROMagar has increased in the last years due to mutual development goals in the field of detection and quantification of E.coli and coliform bacteria in liquid samples. We are eager to extend our further activities to provide the most optimal solutions to the industry and water utilities globally in the view of the 21st Century.