Microbium® MPN Analyser Pro

automated detection and quantification of E. coli and coliform bacteria in drinking, waste and process water

World innovation


Software & hardware that allows automated detection, quantification and report generation

ISO 9308-2

Conforms with ISO 9308-2


High contaminations is detected under 10h


With only 4 steps required, anyone can do the analysis


It can already detect 1 bacteria per 100 mL


Reusable solution - no laboratory waste produced

How to use it

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All in one

MPN Analyser Pro - S

1x MPN Analyser Pro device
1x 10 L Microbium® incubator
MPN calculation program - version 1.0
20x detection reagent (MPN reagent)
20x 100mL sampling container containing sodium thiosulphate
1x funnel
MPN Cleaning kit

MPN Analyser Pro - L

2-6x MPN Analyser Pro devices
1x 56 L Microbium® incubator
MPN calculation program - version 1.0
50x detection reagent (MPN reagent)
50x 100mL sampling container containing sodium thiosulphate
2-6x funnel
MPN Cleaning kit

User stories

Emilia Clarke
Triglav National Park
"In our case, automated Microbium MPN Analysers are used to detect microbiological contamination of surface water sources, both for casual and systematic monitoring of the status of springs in the Triglav National Park area. Since the analyzer is a tool for indicating fecal pollution, its biggest advantage is fast analysis, as the results are known in at least 24 hours. It allows us a very simple performance of microbiological analyses, yet it gives numbered and reliable results. The current cost of each analysis is 10x lower compared to laboratory analyses."
Emilia Clarke
Infrastruktura Bled
Bled, Slovenia
"We have been using MPN Analyser AUTOMATED for more than a year to analyse drinking water for microbiological presence. It enables our quick decision-making in drinking water systems. For us, the advantages of using the analyser are rapid obtaining of the results, independence from external laboratories and to take the samples when we need them."

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