Microbium® MPN Analyser Basic

digitized detection and quantification of E. coli and coliform bacteria in drinking, waste and process water

MPN Analyser - Basic
  • conforms with ISO 9308-2
  • digitalized (not automated)
  • easy to use (only 5 steps, no training required)
  • low limit of detection (1 E. coli / 100 ml)
  • zero waste (ecological solution, no laboratory waste)

Note: This version of the MPN Analyser excludes the smart LED light, sensor, and microprocessor system. Results require manual verification and must be imported into software for quantitative analysis; real-time results are not available.

How to use it

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All in one

MPN Analyser Basic - S

1x MPN Analyser Basic device
1x 10 L Microbium® incubator
MPN Application for personal computer
20x 100mL sampling container containing sodium thiosulphate
20x detection reagent (MPN Reagent)
1x funnel
MPN Cleaning kit

MPN Analyser Basic - L

2-6x MPN Analyser Basic devices
1x 56 L Microbium® incubator
MPN Application for personal computer
50x 100mL sampling container containing sodium thiosulphate
50x detection reagent (MPN Reagent)
2-6x funnel
MPN Cleaning kit

User stories

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Emilia Clarke
Public Utility Company Grosuplje
Grosuplje, Slovenia
"We have been using DIGITAL Microbium MPN Analyser for more than two years as an internal tool to detect potential bacterial contamination in our drinking water utility. The volume of the sample equally distributes over the whole model and cleaning the analyzer after the analysis is simple and sufficient. Most importantly, we are able to obtain the results in a short time, which is the key information for action and further work."
Emilia Clarke
National Institute of Chemistry
Ljubljana, Slovenia
"We are using MPN Analyser DIGITAL to detect coliform and E. coli bacteria in wastewater (preferential from wastewater treatment plants, active sludge of aeration pools). Analyser is being used accordingly to the manufacturer's instructions, however, due to the nature of the sample we are diluting it beforehand. The system is truly user-friendly, and simple, has a quick protocol and the results are obtained rapidly. The added value of the entire package is that Microbium supplies/delivers everything necessary to implement the protocol, and its team happily and swiftly answers any questions if they occur. I would also like to commend their education system."
Abwasserverband Braunschweig
Braunschweig, Germany
"Microbium MPN Analyser DIGITAL is used by the Abwasserverband Braunschweig in Germany to test the E. coli load of the treated wastewater and, in particular, to provide an overview of the treatment performance of the downstream facilities. (e.g. he leach fields and pilot plants). Only treated wastewater is tested. The expected E. coli level varies greatly and lies between 106 and 1. Currently, intensive testing is being carried out almost daily. The analyser reduces the waiting time for results and saves costs for out-of-house tests. The intention is to react faster to possible E. coli changes."
Gore District Council
Gore, New Zealand
"Our organization has integrated MPN Analyser for wastewater testing, with a dual focus on ensuring consistent discharge and tracking cross connections in the stormwater network. Previously, reliance on external labs for sample analysis was costly and time-consuming. With the MPN Analyser we are currently doing 3-4 samples per week with plans to increase the testing to a daily frequency. The MPN Analyser has brought distinct advantages, including its ability to deliver accurate results, real-time data, and a user-friendly interface."