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Microbium MPN Analyser

Microbium works on two levels

Our advantages

Analytical Development Laboratory

Quick emergency response

Development of custom methods and tests

A diverse range of microorganisms for analysis

Advice on legislation

Microbial analysis

In our laboratory, we perform a wide range of microbiological analyses using a number of technologies.

We equip end customers or other laboratories with all the necessary devices and knowledge to perform analyses.

  • Rapid tests
  • Analysis according to ISO standards
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Molecular methods
  • Comparison of microbiological resistance
  • Custom development
  • Membrane filtration
  • MPN method
  • Bactiquant technology
  • Analsysis according to ISO standards
  • Chemical parameters
  • ATP test
  • Bactiquant technology
  • Analsysis according to ISO standards
  • Legionella
  • Fluorescence microscopy for the detection of filamentous bacteria
  • Detection of E.coli and Enterococci
  • Filtration
  • Analyzes according to ISO standards

Why is it necessary to improve control over the microbiological quality of raw materials and products?

How can you reduce the cost of production? Do raw materials pose a risk to production process?

How to prevent complaints from users? What does the law require?

We have reduced the possibilities of microbiological risks for more than 50 companies, which is significantly reflected in the production efficiency and financial success of companies.

Vaš partner za industrijsko mikrobiologijo

Efficiency and performance tests for disinfectants and devices

Do you need test reports as proof of the biocidal action of your hand, surface or room disinfectants or devices?

We offer testing according to relevant standards for the registration of products with biocidal effect, and rapid testing of devices in the development phase.

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