Public tender – Incentives for NOO 2023 R&D projects

The development of the Microbium® ETC analyzer, the world’s first reusable device for detecting bacteria in wastewater, and further optimized it with system automation and remote access to data review via the Smart Incubator, and reduced the consumption of plastic material by more than 60%.

Project title: ETC XS Lab – Zero waste in wastewater

Development of the Microbium® ETC analyzer, the world’s first reusable device for the detection of bacteria in wastewater

The solution is environmental technology, which is aimed at protecting the environment from two aspects:

  1. Eliminating the use of plastic material (“zero waste” product).
  2. Permanent management of water resources by switching to circular waste water management. The final product will cause a complete disruption in the market, as the analyzer will serve as an XS microbiological laboratory and thus visionarily improve the microbiological control of treated wastewater at the discharge from treatment plants into the environment and its reuse for agricultural and landscape irrigation, filling of aquifers, industrial cooling water, car wash, etc.

Objectives of the project:

  • Microbium®ETC analyzer (with software) for detection and quantification of Enterococcus sp. tested and validated in the operating system – sewage treatment plant
  • We will upgrade the Microbium incubator to a Smart Incubator, which will enable automatic shutdown of the incubator after analysis with a built-in NUC system and LCD screen.
  • 180 g of reusable plastic material with Microbium® ETC analyzer

Trajanje projekta: 1.12.2023 do 31.11.2025

Vrednost projekta: 542.006,82 EUR

Vrednost sofinanciranja: 299.966,64 EUR

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union – Next Generation EU.

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