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Public tender – Incentives for NOO 2022 R&D projects

The aim of the public tender is to contribute to the green transition, to increasing investments in research and development, increasing productivity (including material and energy productivity) and the competitiveness of the economy by co-financing at least 95 research and development projects of consortia of companies focused on the transition to a circular economy, including prevention and pollution control and climate change mitigation, which refer to the development of new or improved products, processes or services with high added value and market potential, which consequently increases the competitiveness of participating companies.

Project title: IoT Microbium® MPN Analyser

As part of the project, we will upgrade the Automated Microbium® MPN Analyser to an IoT Microbium® MPN Analyser with reduced plastic consumption and a prediction algorithm.

The solution is environmental technology, which is aimed at protecting the environment from two aspects:

  • reduction of water waste
  • eliminating the use of plastic material (it is a “zero waste” product!). With the final product, we will disrupt the market, as the device will serve as an XS microbiological laboratory and thus greatly expand the possibilities of improving control over drinking water. With this product, we aim to obtain the Environmental Technology Verification certificate, which only the best European environmental technologies receive.

Objectives of the project:

  • Reduce water waste by 3-5 percent and contribute to minimizing the generation of plastic waste.
  • To increase the material productivity and sustainable use of water as a heritage in the first phase in Slovenia and then extrapolated also in Europe and the world.
  • Contribute to the transformation of Europe into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy
  • By introducing the IoT Microbium® MPN Analyzer, eliminate the need to use laboratory plastic.
  • Contribute to mitigating climate change by preventing environmental pollution with plastic and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union – Next Generation EU.

More information at: Javna agencija | SPIRIT Slovenija (

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