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We can provide custom made microbiological detection protocols for specific industrial samples, according to the needs of a customer.

Demand for ecological and nature friendly materials is high and this leads to production of materials that are susceptible to microbiological spoilage. Each company has its specific production processes, supply chain and organisation of material storage. It means that microbiological detection protocols have to be designed and optimised according to the characteristics of certain production processes. This is then followed by the implementation of the detection protocol into quality control in a way that is most friendly to management of the company.

Sampling Procedures0%
Homogenisation procedures0%
Biofilms 0%
Separation procedures0%

The microbiological world in numbers is unimaginable. It is important to understand its meaning for the industrial process.


Number of cells in human body (in trillions)


Number of bacteria in human body (in trillions)


Number of bacteria in 1 g of biofilm (in billions)