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Speed counts

Timely information on microbiological contamination in raw materials or products is of the utmost importance, as a faster analysis allows for faster and more effective action.

Custom analysis

The process of detecting microbes is adapted to individual industrial niches. Some more complex industrial samples can not be successfully analysed using classical microbiological methods.

We reduce risks

The timely detection of the presence of microbes in samples implies efficient management of the production process. This reduces the risk of raw material or product failure.

Microbial forensics

Based on the analysis of samples performed for customers on products, production lines, and water sources, we can monitor contamination by monitoring bacteria and determine the origin.

Millions of different types of bacteria create unique traces. We know how to connect that into a sequence, which helps us to upgrade processes and minimize the risks.

Mikrobiološka forenzika v razvojno analiznem laboratoriju
On-line rešitve za določanje mikrobioloških paramterov


We offer a wide range of field, laboratory and online devices for measuring microbiological and physicochemical parameters.

Physico-chemical parameters
Nitrates, turbidity, chlorine residue, electrical conductivity, temperature ...
Total number of bacteria, Escherichia coli, coliform bacteria, Enterococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.
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On-line solutions


The s::can spectrometer instruments are fully capable spectrometers in the shape of a probe. In the measuring section, which is positioned between emitting and receiving units, the emitted light passes through the medium to be analysed. Substances present in the medium lo-cated between the measuring windows of the probe absorb visible and UV light.


The Bactiquant technology sets a new standard for rapid microbiological test results, providing you with operationally relevant test results, so you can:

  • Recycle water
  • Reduce use of biocides
  • Respond faster and more efficiently to contamination issues
  • Cut the cost of biofouling and biocorrosion, and
  • Ensure stable water quality in all your processes.
  • Establish operational control limits based on a statistical algorithm.

You can apply our online technology to intelligent and remote controlled surveillance systems where digitalisation and data handling increase knowledge and efficacy in water treatment within industries and water distribution companies.

Our costumers

Emilia Clarke
Marko Fatur. dipl. inž. str (UN)
"An increased number of non-pathogenic bacteria appeared in a part of the water supply network over a certain period of time. We were unable to determine the source with classic sampling and analytical methods. With the help of the Microbium team, we quickly identified the cause and eliminated it, so that we can continue to offer our customers the best quality of drinking water."
Dr. Peter Venturini, MBA
Član poslovodnega odbora, odgovoren za R&R, nabavo in segment smol
"For our needs, Microbium has developed a fast test for the detection of bacteria in water-based colors, thus shortening our response time with possible microbial contamination of raw materials or finished products from a few days to several hours. Thus, we managed to lower our production costs and improve our quality control."