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Detection of microbes in numerous industrial samples

Drinking Water and Waste Water Treatment

Treatment processes have to be verified in order to estimate the efficiency of treatment.

Concentration of bacteria can be verified in a few minutes in a drinking water sample or wastewater sample.


Drinking Water

A water distribution system is a living system and within it microbiological flora can change tremendously from the water source to the end user. It is crucial to detect possible contaminations in time and to react accordingly. This leads to reduced water losses and to increased safety for the end user together with the increased reputation of waste utility.

Testers are used to detect presence of bacteria in drinking water samples on the field in 10 minutes.

Emulsions & Impregnations

Water based coatings are susceptible to spoilage because certain groups of bacteria have developed metabolic mechanisms to degreaser and feed on various molecules found in emulsions and impregnations.

With special procedures bacteria can be successfully detected within a few hours even in very complex samples.


Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Microbes can alter characteristics of petroleum products in such a way that it leads to loss of quality of the products. Due to excellent quality control in the petrochemical industry, it is almost impossible to overlook a contaminated sample before it is supplied to the end user. This is only possible because petrochemical companies are in constant search for fast and reliable methods, which provide accurate and repeatable results.

It is possible to detect the range of bacterial contamination in petrochemical samples in one hour.


Vast microbiological spoilage of pigments can sometimes lead to visual spoilage of end products and cause complaints from the end user. Taking measures after such incidents does not help. On the other hand if we discover contamination with bacteria in pigment samples on time, we can save the production batch and prevent further spreading of the contamination and reduce financial loss.

It is possible to detect contamination of pigments in its early stage in 45 minutes.


Custom made solutions

We are providing custom made solutions according to the needs of the customer.

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