Microbium | Hitra detekcija mikrobov
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Detection of bacteria in minutes

We offer testers for quantification of bacteria in drinking water, process waters, and various industrial samples.

Fast and Simple Analysis

Real time information on microbiological contamination in raw material or end products is of extreme significance to a production process. Unfortunately, till now, industrial microbiology could not provide any method that can measure microbiology of samples in real time. For the first time in history of microbiology it is possible to obtain results on presence of bacteria within minutes and this leads to efficient quality control.

Custom Made Solutions

Protocol for detection of bacteria has to be adjusted for a specific type of raw material or product. Industrial samples are sometimes so complex that even classical microbiological methods cannot be used. In such cases adjusted microbiological methods have to be developed.

Reduced Costs

Real time detection of bacteria leads to efficient management of production processes and appropriate quality control. This means reduced risk for spoiled raw material or even worse - of end products. On the other hand considerable savings are made in optimised consumption of biocides.